Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Three And A Half Days Of "Real Life" Training Needed For OWS

Bill Whittle has the 'Occupy Wall Street' Idiots figured out!
His Video says it ALL--


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1234 said...


I also think that Mr. Whittle is right on the money!

CW said...


I have talked with some OWS's in DC. They are, mentally, 6 year olds.

Alice said...

I interviewed thr NY group (OWS) for my school paper.

The area stunk like the outhouse on my grandfathers farm in the summertime.

Not one of them could cite a specific case or event that they were protesting, It all boiled down to "the man hasn't done enough for ME!"

JDW said...

Brown Shirts in training!

Fox Lady said...

What these animals (OWS) are doing is atrocious! And the left-wing propagandists ignore it all!

-Women, one as young as 14, are being raped
-At least one person has been murdered
-Deceases have broken out
-They have defecated on police cars
-Had sex and masturbated in public
-One, using an Ak-47, has taken shots at the White House
-The list goes on and on.

Still these worthless dregs of society are allowed to destroy public and private property, disrupt business, and endanger innocent people – all with the blessing of the Regime, the Nazi party, the Black Caucus, the Socialist party, and Dave Duke!

Fran said...

Give me-
Give me-
Give me--
But for God's sake, don't expect me to earn it!

Why does this country discriminate in favor of those that produce and against those of us who set on our ass?