Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Senator Lugar (Rino-IN) attacks Tea Party

“The Tea Party destroyed the chances for a Republican majority in the Senate at the last elections” – Senator Dick Lugar (R-IN)

Lugar further claims that if the Tea Party wants a Republican majority, they will have to support the “Old Elitist” like himself, who have experience at “politics as usual”

Why would the Tea Party want to return the likes of Lugar to the Senate?

Would it be that he supports federal gun control? Or that he voted for the dream act? Or that he votes for huge agriculture support programs, including Ethanol for fuel? Or that he supported Obama’s nominations to the Supreme Court? Or that he voted for TARP? Or that he voted to include criticism of sodomy in the definition of a “hate crime.”?  These are all reasons to oppose the elestion of Rino's!

The Tea Party goals are not about a Republican majority in either branch of the Congress. The Tea Party’s goal is to elect Congressmen and a President that believes in and obeys the Constitution and will reign in government spending. If a candidate is a true Conservative, The Tea Party will support that candidate, regardless of party affiliation.

When Senator Lugar claims that the Tea Party prevented a Republican majority in the Senate, he is making reference to the fact that the Tea Party supported true Conservatives in opposition to Rino incumbents like himself.

The facts are that a Republican controlled Senate, led my Mitch McConnell and a number of RINO’s will be no different than what we have now.

If the Tea Party movement is to succeed at saving this nation, the “Old Elitists” like Lugar, Rove, the Bush’s and others have to go!  "Politics as usual" is what is destroying this nation and what has crippled the Republican Party.

The elections of 2010 have shown that Conservatives win when they stop trying to look like “that other party”.

Let us pray that God still blesses America.

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Jody34 said...

Let us pray that God still blesses America -- Amen, Amen, Amen

Frank said...

"God blessing America" with the Devil living in the White House seems a bit much to ask for!

Theo said...

Rove, Lugar, and other members of what I call the 'Old Guard' are more interested in retaining power than they are about saving the nation.

Screw them all! Save America!

Alice said...

We need to get a large number of those on the dole off of the dole.

Mimi (Paris, France) said...

The only hope for those of us in Europe is for America to save herself.

Come on America, I am ashamed to say it, but the rest of the World is relying on you to give us all a second change.

Nel said...

Lugar is and always has been a fool!