Friday, June 8, 2012

Running A Champaign Based On Lies

Barack Hussein Obama cannot run on his record. To do so would guarantee his defeat. Obama is desperate to keep the political discussion away from his performance as president, his abuse of power, and his flagrant trashing of the U.S. Constitution.

In an effort to hide his own record Obama has decided to attack Mitt Romney for being an evil, vicious, unscrupulous “CAPITALIST’. Mr. Romney is without a doubt a capitalist, but everything else is an absolute lie. This should not come as a surprise as everyone knows that Obama lies often and with more conviction than he tells the truth. Furthermore, Obama’s political bible, “Rules for Radicals” tells him to attack his ‘enemies’. That the attack need not be based on any truth; repeating the lie frequently will “make it the truth”.

Obama would have you believe that investment companies like Bain Capital, which Mr. Romney once headed, make their living buying companies, firing the employees and selling off the assets.

Companies like Bain Capital make profits by risking their own money in failing companies. It is very much like playing poker. A hand is dealt (a troubled company); the investor exams that hand (why is it in trouble & can I we fix it?); if he likes what he sees he plays the hand (buys the troubled company). The investors then infuse more money and make whatever changes are needed to restore the troubled company to good market value so that the once troubled company can be sold at a profit.

There are times when the investors loose the bet and cannot save the company. On those occasions the investors close the company and sell whatever assets they can to prevent additional loses. They never make “massive profits”, as Obama claims.

If there was money to be made by the sell assets, you can bet the original owners would have done so.

In most venture capital deals people do loose their jobs.

You cannot save a company as long expenses exceed income. In almost every business employees are the largest expense.

Some years back one the world’s major corporations found themselves losing hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

They hired a tough, no nonsense CEO with a track record of saving failing businesses. One of his first actions was to fire 20,000 employees. The newspapers and television attack him as heartless. However, a few short years latter the company had returned, better than before and had added many times over the number that had been fired.

Obama has focused on a single company wherer Bain Capital gambled and lost.  He attempts to hang that failure around Romney’s neck to prove how evil and heartless he is.

If Obama ever told the truth on this issue, you would know that Romney had left Bain Capital more than 2 years prior to this lone failure on the part of Bain Capital.

The facts are that if it were not for lies, Obama would have nothing to say. --WD

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Fox Lady said...

How about the dumbass in the White House?

He invested $500,000,000 in tax payer money in a solar panel company that was already behind the technology curve. Everyone lost their job! There were no assets to be sold. However, the owners made big donations to the DNC and Obama’s campaign fund!

He invested billions of tax payer dollars in GM and Chrysler. He claims that GM made a profit, but Obama does not mention that the profit was only because GM was not required to pay any corporate taxes. He also does not mention that taxpayer dollars subsidize the sale of very Chevy Volt at $240,000/per car. And oh yes, thousands of people lost their jobs at GM and Chrysler!

It seems to me that Obama should shut his mouth be for someone points out that Romney has kicked his ass on this issue too!

Chuck said...

I recommend these books:

The Amateur

by Edward Klein
note: Supported by over 200 interviews

The Great Destroyer.
Barack Obama’s War on the Republic

by David Limbaugh
note: Very well documented.


by Mark Levin
Fantastic Read

Juan said...

Talk Show Host, Chris Plante says,--
Liberals and Conservatives do horrible things to each other---

The Liberals tell lies about the Conservatives!
The Conservatives tell the truth about the Liberals!