Sunday, July 22, 2012

“Gaffe”, When a politician is caught telling the truth

 by Idaho Conservative Blogger
A lot has been written about what the media has been calling President Obama’s recent political “Gaffe.” You didn’t build that.”

Democrats complained the President has been taken out of context even though the video went viral and clearly showed the President marginalizing American inventiveness and willingness to gamble sometimes at high risk for ideas they believe in. American entrepreneurs have a long history of massive accomplishments and solid track record for creating jobs.

President Obama seems unable to grasp this appreciation. Perhaps it’s the community organizer in him that can’t seem to grasp the notion that businesses that thrive and make profits not only create jobs but also wealth for the American worker. Perhaps the Liberal/Socialist part of him is unwilling to even try.

I read recently, and it’s spot on, “Everyone knows we all get help in life. But we have always started with the individual and then worked out. It is not part of the American mindset to begin with the collective and admonish individuals for thinking too highly of their contribution. “

Over and over again President Obama says things that seem to come across to many as un-American or at least un-proud of America. Many shake their heads wondering how this man became President of a nation he doesn’t seem to be very proud of. Democrats always counter by saying he is just so much smarter then the rest of us, that we just are unable to grasp his greatness and logic. It’s just too far above the average American’s intellect. They say the “You didn’t build that” statement might have just been a “gaffe” from a President who was a little tired from running the country and busy campaigning for his second term.

I believe Charles Krauthammer is the one who got it right by saying,

“A gaffe is when a politician is caught telling the truth about what they believe.”

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Fox Lady said...

There is no room for doubt!

Obama said what he meant and meant what he said!

But, it is fun watching his stooges scratch around in the litter box, while attempting to cover it up!