Monday, September 10, 2012

UMWA: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

During his campaigning in 2008, Barack Obama promised, on several occasions, “I will bankrupt the coal industry “.

In spite of that promise, the president of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) Cecil E. Roberts announced on May 21, 2008 that his organization is endorsing Barack Obama for president. Roberts then added, “He understands and will fight for the needs our members have today and the hopes our members have for a secure future for themselves and their families.”

Obama has taken the steps needed to fulfill that promise. All coal burning power plants are scheduled for shutdown and the supporting mines are being shuttered.

Yet, in several recent appearances Roberts has addressed the issue as if it were a rogue EPA and not Obama that is responsible for the dismantling of the coal industry.

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that the United Mine Workers of America had decided not to endorse either Obama/Biden or Romney/Ryan.

Mike Caputo stated, “As of right now, we have elected to stay out of this election.” Then added,
“Our members right now have indicated to stay out of this race, and that’s why we’ve done that.... I don’t think, quite frankly, that coalfield folks are crazy about either candidate."

(Note: Mike Caputo is an UMWA official and a Democratic member of the West Virginia House of Delegates.)

Stay out of the race? Endorse no one? How stupid can they get?

Full disclosure:
The old WachDog grew up (at least my first 23 years) in the coalfields of WV. My Grandfather was a miner (WV and IL); my father was a mining engineer and superintendent, I spent four summers working at assorted mining jobs. And there are still many relatives and friends working in mines.

I was for a brief time a member of the UMWA. At that time, John L. Lewis, a devout communist, was the president. In the fifty years since, the UMWA has had a long history of ho-hum presidents. It would appear that Cecil E. Roberts is no exception!

The rank and file members are not stupid people. You cannot function in a modern mine without a considerable degree of intelligence. So why do these otherwise smart people blindly follow their idiot leadership down the road to oblivion? I could not answer that question in the 1950’s and I can’t answer it now. But I can tell you that if you have a choice between someone that you don't like because he is not a democrat and someone that is is devoted to wiping out your job, your community, and your families future, you want to make damn certain that the bastard is defeated.

To insure that Obama is defeated, you must support Romney! 

The choice is yours, defy your union handlers and vote to save your job or spend the rest of your life dreaming of what might have been.          -- WD

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a teacher that wants out of the NEA said...

Sometimes you have to believe your own eyes and ears and forget the dumbass union thugs!

Windy said...

Sounds a bit like playing Russian Roulette with two shells chambered.

So you take-out one shell to improve your odds -- you risk death either way.

Take out both shells and vote for Romney!

Kat said...

I must admit -- I Pretty Stupid!

Rob the Miner said...

I am a Coalminer, and also working my way toward an engineering degree. I’m a little over half way on the degree.

I work in a mine near Beckley, WV. There was a very large mine near by that was sealed last week because of Obama policies.

I made 100 copies of this post and laid them on the table that we pass when we exit the bathhouse.

They were all gone, none in the trash, none were seen in the parking lot.

It looks like they were taken to be read!

Maybe, just maybe, we are not so dumb after all………….