Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I’m Barack Obama And I Approve This Bull SH--- ah.. ah—Message

We had intended to write an article addressing the many falsehoods that fill the Obama and Democrat Super Pac ads. However, we soon realized that we would be writing and you would be reading through the 2016 election cycle.

As an alternative to a long saga that no one will read, we have chosen to address a small number of the more common false claims from Obama ads appearing a cross the nation:

I saved General Motors, Chrysler and Ford ---- Obama claims that he stepped in to save GM and Chrysler from bankruptcy while Romney would have put them out of business via bankruptcy.

Yes, Obama did prop up GM and Chrysler with hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars; preventing them from going through a court approved restructuring. He seized the corporations from their rightful investor /owners and transferred the majority ownership of GM to the Union. Chrysler was solid to Italian automaker, Fiat. In the process, he upset over a hundred years of settled contract law, failed to remove the burdensome debt that was and remains as GMs major problem. Obama claims that he saved Ford, who refused to take government bailout money, because saving GM saved Ford’s suppliers. That is another conveniently made-up fact.

The administration claims that GM made a profit in the past year, had GM paid Federal Corporate taxes, they would be deep in to the red ink. Also GM still owes more than 25 billion dollars on outstanding loans. There is talk that GM may still have to go through a “restructuring” bankruptcy.

The much acclaimed Chevy Volt, the car that was to save GM is a joke. GM looses about $42,000 on every sale. The factory was shutdown months ago to “clear the excess inventory”. The word around the industry is that after the election, they will either discontinue the Volt altogether or try building it in China.

As a final point on this, the current GM management team says that they cannot hire qualified engineers and managers because of the salary caps imposed y the White House.

I insured that women will get equal pay for equal work when I signed the Lilly Ledbetter Act --- The law (Civil-R 64) which guaranteed women equal pay for equal work was enacted 4 decades ago. It was signed in to law by President Lyndon Johnson

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 signed into law (January 29, 2009) was merely a time limit modification of the 1964 Act The new act states that the 180-day “statue of limitations” for filing an equal-pay lawsuit regarding pay discrimination resets with each new paycheck affected by that discriminatory action.

Romney will take away the guaranteed Medicare benefits of Senior Citizens and replace them vouchers and an additional $6000 in annual fees - Both Romney or Ryan have consistently stated that the Medicare plan for those 55 and over will not change. Furthermore, neither, Romney nor Ryan advocates stealing money from Medicare. Obama’s Obamacare program transfers over $700 Billion from Medicare to mask the high cost of “free” health care.

If we just get the rich to pay ‘their fair share’ we will have the money needed for whatever --- Obama would have you believe that if the 1%’ers would just give a few more bucks, all of the budget problems would vanish.

The truth is that if the ‘filthy rich’ gave 100% of their annual income to the IRS, it would have NO NOTICEABLE impact on the deficit.

If we cease 100% of the total assets held by the top 1%, it would run our government for about 11 days. And since we just put the top 1 % in to bankruptcy, that source of income is forever lost.

That for all of the other lies…. 99% of all of the claims and ‘facts’ used in the Democrat campaign ads are totally made-up or grossly exaggerated!

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JDW said...

Pretty much what I expected!

Obama and everyone around him are liars!

Mimi (Fla) said...

Thanks Watch Dog!

'Lilly said...

"I" checked out all those claims that Romney was anti-woman;

Everyone proved to be false!