Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gun Control for Dummies - It's Common Sense

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Fox Lady said...

I like this!

If you read the Federalist Papers and other writings by the founding fathers, you will see that they saw the 2nd Amendment as providing security against Tyranny (from any source), and for Self-defense.

They must have assumed that hunting would never be questioned or that the 2nd Amendment was strong enough to cover that too!

Jerry said...

Here in Great Briton, we jail the good guys for just scaring the thugs that prey on we, the disarmed citizens.

I hope that you yanks hang in there and not give up your guns.

Heinz B said...

My Grandfather told me that Adolph Hitler disarmed Germany too!

That is why he moved to Switzerland after the war.

Here nearly every man has a rifle and boxes of ammunition.


Anonymous said...

Some 30 years ago while I was on a prospecting trip to Europe I had the chance to visit Switzerland. While standing in the isle a young kid, looking younger than my 14 year old son, boarded the transit car with a fully automatic machine gun. With the people armed and ready to defend their country, no wonder NOBODY,has fooled with them for 400 years