Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It Is Not About Crime Control!

The mantra of the Obama administration has been, “Never let a crisis go to waste!”

The Newtown massacre is no exception!

When word of the shooting reached Washington, sources tell me, that there were high-fives and cheers among White House and Justice Staffers. One was heard to comment, “This is far better than ‘Fast and Furious’.” That person was referring to the Administrations failed attempt at gleaning public support for ‘gun-control’ by supplying  Mexican crime lords with firearms sold in the U.S.

We could make a long listing of data base supported facts like-
Australia and Great Briton, both of which have very strict gun laws, have a violent crime rate is at least twice the violent crime rate of the U.S.; or that murders have greatly diminished in Washington D.C., were gun restrictions have been reduced, while Chicago which has a total ban on handguns experienced 500 murders in 2012 alone. And the list goes on………

To any logical thinker the facts are over whelming that “more guns equal less crime”.

But such facts are not of any interest to those that want to ban/register/confiscate your firearms.

 The truth is that the Left does not care whether-or-not disarming American citizens has any effect on crimes. It is not crime that they are seeking to end.

What the gun grabber’s really want is a disarmed American citizenry. The U.S. has in just a few short years, been transformed from a constitutionally defined Representative Republic into a Socialist state of soft tyranny with little or no regard for the Constitution. It is not by accident that the Administration and their propaganda machine (ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc.) refer to us a “the workers”. If the Administration has their way, we will soon have no Constitution and be well on our way to a hard Soviet form of tyranny.

As it stands right now, the only thing in their way is more than 100 million armed citizens.

If you think that it can’t happen here, read the histories of all the other nations where it could not happen. Or here at home look at how the EPA has overridden Congress on Energy and carbon emissions, how Obama operates without a budget, spends monies that have not been approved by Congress, is unilaterally dismantling our Nuclear Deterrent, and has given billions of dollars to his cronies.

It is not the guns that the Administration wants to control, it is you!

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Kim said...

It is going to be 1776 all over again!

As Sarah would say, You betch!

Sara said...

It is very sad that we have allowed these people to "lead" us!

How did we desend from the 'Greatest Genoration' to the 'dumbest'?