Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Lying King

This nation began with a President of whom it was said that he could not tell a lie.

At this moment in times, it looks as though the nation will end with a president who cannot or will not tell the truth.

In his most recent series of gratuitous lies, Obama makes it sound as if the ‘Sequestration’ will trigger the ‘Apocalypse‘.

Let’s get a few facts established:

1. The Sequestration clause was inserted into a finance bill because Obama demanded it.

2. The Sequestration will be a mere 2.4% of the entire budget (if we actually had a budget).

3. The Pentagon is bearing 50% of the total cuts.

Note: Every agency’s budget has a built-in baseline increase before Congress acts on a budget. As a result, every department other than the Department of Defense actually has more money, after Sequestration, than they had in 2012.

If the 2.4% reduction in growth will cause all the havoc that Obama claims, what in hell does the other 97% do? May be, the Congress should give back the all damaging 2.4% and reduce the 97% that according to the administration is doing nothing.

Obama and his butt kissing friends in the media are blaming the Republicans for the Sequester. In truth, it was at Osama’s insistence that the Sequestration clause was inserted into “The Budget Control Act of 2011”. The clause specified an incentive for Congress to act. If Congress failed to produce a deficit reduction bill with at least $1.2 trillion in cuts, then Congress could grant a $1.2 trillion increase in the debt ceiling but this would trigger across-the-board cuts (Sequestration”, as of January 2, 2013.

The House submitted several budgets that met these goals, but none were brought to the floor in the Senate and Obama made it clear that he would not sign a budget with any spending reductions.

If a 2.4% cut were mandated across the board, every government entity could absorb the cut with zero effect of the public. In fact, most agencies could handle a 10% reduction in their annual budget. Some, like the ‘Department of Energy’, could be cut 100% with no ill effect what-so-ever.

The Department of Defense is a different story. They already faced a massive budget reduction which when combined with the Sequestration ‘cut’ results in a1 trillion dollar cut over 10 years! That is a very large cut for them to absorb.

To make matters worse, the Commander-in-Grief will not grant any of the services the authority to manage where the cuts are made.

The Democrats have over the past few days expressed fear that the ‘cuts’ won’t cause the panic that they seek, and therefore, the public won’t turn on the Republicans in Congress. Even worse, they fear that the ‘workers’ might see ‘cuts’ as a good thing.

The Democrats keep telling us that we need a ‘comprehensive agreement’. The problem with that is that they already have lots of new taxes but there have been zero cuts. Let’s catch up on those cuts so that we have a ‘balanced /comprehensive agreement’.

Obama is out to destroy this nation and will continue to push his tax-of-the-month campaign.

If you want a shot at saving the country, keep letting Congress know that you want more spending cuts!

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Jackson said...

When he is not playing golf he is on vacation.

Does this guy ever work?

He hardly ever has meetings.

What else does he do?

Oh yeah, I forgot!

HE TELLS LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Impeach the bastard!

Anonymous said...

Obama reminds me of a 5 year old brat of a neice that I have.

Todd said...

I'll second that impeachment!

Al said...

I have noticed that Obama is now backing off on those dire predictions.

Except for DOD and DOD contractors, there should be little impact on the agency or the GDP!

Any harn will be the direct result of the White House directing it to happen.