Friday, March 15, 2013

Obama: Attempts to Void 2nd Amendment

The latest firearm registration scheme is to claim that a registration data base is needed to prevent ‘Straw Purchases’ and/or ‘Gun Trafficking’.

No such registration is required because they can already trace firearms that are recovered after the commission of a crime; provided that the firearm was not sold on the black-market.

A roster of gun owners is required when the government needs to know who has firearms that were not used in a crime. Can everyone say, As in Confiscation?

The 2nd Amendment is there so that the people can protect themselves from government tyranny. Clearly, providing the government with a list of firearm owners undermines the intent of the Constitution!

The Obama administration is attempting to void the 2nd Amendment through an Inter Nation Treaty. They have pursued two treaties toward that goal. One such treaty is a US/Latin American treaty, the second is the UN Small Arms Treaty.

Early on, the administration released some genned-up statistics that claimed that a large number of the cartel weapons came from the U.S. In an effort to support the false claims, Attorney General Eric Holder and his minions at the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) dreamed up and executed a plan called “Fast and Furious”.

“Fast and Furious” was a gun smuggling operation in which the BATFE aided and abetted gun traffickers that smuggled more than 2000 firearms from the U.S. into Mexico and directly into the hands of drug cartels. The Mexican government was never notified about the program.

It was the administration hope that these firearms would be used to kill many Mexicans and thereby create a big backlash with the public and in the Congress so that they could push through a treaty that would kill the 2nd Amendment.

Unfortunately for the administration, a DEA officer wasmurdered with one of the smugglrd firearms anbd several BATFE agents felt that it was wrong for them to violate the very laws that they were sworn to enforce and they notified members of Congress as to what had been done.

Having failed with ‘Fast and Furious’ the administration has gleefully jumped on the tragedy in Newtown to be the crisis they need to push through their disarmament plan.

The most notable ‘straw-purchase’ was conducted by New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is so anti-gun that he will stoop to anything to make a case. The mayor hired several investigators to go to Virginia and purchase firearms from local gun dealers. The investigators presented false ID’s and lied on the forms used to approve the purchases. After the ‘fake buyers’ passed the background checks, the guns were sold.

Bloomberg tried to use these transactions as proof that the dealers were selling guns illegally.

In reality it was Bloomberg and his hired investigators that broke both state and federal laws while purchasing the guns.

If the administration is serious about ‘gun trafficking’ and ‘straw-purchases’, they should prosecute the major cases outlined above!

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Fred said...

Makes you wonder why DHS has purchased 1750 AR-15’s (referred to as personal defense weapons) and 1,7 Billion rounds of ammunition?.

Alice said...

There seems to be a lot of chatter about DHS purchasing 400,000 plastic coffins too.

Civil War?

Madd Maxx said...

Perhaps we are seeing that “civilian crop that will be as well funded as the army”?

The one that was promised by Mr. Obama!

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