Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Obama: Risking Lives In The Name Of Politics

There is absolutely no reason for the “Sequestration” to have cut any government services outside of the Military.

We keep getting emails from people that do not understand why “Sequestration” was not a real cut in spending. One of the more resent emails shed some light on why people don’t grasp the situation. The author offered this, “We ordinary folks just don’t think in terms like trillions, billions and millions.”

So let’s try explaining in terms that 'ordinary folks' will understand.

Assume that you earn $500 per week and your boss has expressed his intent to increase your pay by $50 per week on May 1. May 1 arrives and your boss tells you that sales have been less than expected and you will only get an increase of $45 per week. You now have a salary of $545 per week. Not what you expected but still a nice 9% raise. You my friend have been “Sequestered”.  I don’t know about you, but I would have welcomed that type of 'pay cut' every year.

The reason that services are being cut is because and only because your President is having a temper-tantrum in response to his being denied a second $800 Billion tax increase on the top 1%; less than two months after getting an $800 Billion tax increase on the same group!

Obama has ordered every agency to make “Sequestration” as “painful as possible” for everyone!

He wants you to push Congress to increase taxes and also to make you believe that it is the Republicans fault on every single issue, so that he can finish screwing the nation when you give him a Democrat controlled House in 2014! 

The most insidious of these White House mandated cut backs (Sequestration was Obama’s brain child) in services is the furloughing of air-traffic controllers.

Note: An addition tidbit--It is a fact that the FAA has a larger budget than Obama had proposed for 2013.

The major problem with furloughing the flight-controllers is that an already burdened system has become dangerously more overloaded. This exposes passengers and air crews at a far greater risk than is necessary. In addition to the inconvenience of delays and cancelled flights that Mr. Obama has hoisted on the air travelers, the already fragile airlines are losing Millions of dollars per day—some airlines may not survive!

The Department of Defense (DOD) is seriously impacted by Sequestration. The DOD had a real budget cut of 11% ($50 Billion) from their 2012 budget ($455 Billion) before Sequestration. One half of the total Sequestration or $44 Billion were piled on the DOD budget. As a result DOD has real budget cuts totaling $94 Billion (21%) less than they had in 2012.

Furthermore, the White House will not permit the DOD to make the cuts in a prudent manor. 

This administration is completely void of honesty, leadership, common  sense, and could not care less about American citizens regardless of skin color.

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JaneP said...

With 50% of the sequester cut being put on the Military, you know for certain that it was a Democrat plan.

Tomm said...

You can bet that this White House would welcome a crash. Never waste a crisis you know.

He and his propaganda press corps will blame the Republicans.

After all, we know that Obama is never responsible for anything!

JDW said...

More smoke and mirrors from the Clown at 1600 Penn Ave!

Tom Lee said...

I think that you are full of crap!


Jet Jocky said...

I fly a jumbo jet for a major airline.

We fly radio signals which are like highways in the sky. We fly Vectors from one “beacon” to the next “beacon” and so on. For long flights like non-stop LA to NY thse are far from mapping out a straight line.

New improvements in navigational equipment and the flying at higher altitudes has made it possible for us to “shortcut” or fly directly in a straight line from take-off to destination. This saves time and fuel and actually makes flying safer. However, to deviate from the prescribed paths we must get permission to fly a “shortcut” from the “air-traffic controller”.

It has been standard practice for a shortcut request to be granted!

Last night, while flying from LA to NY, every “shortcut” request was denied. Each controller reported that they had been issued a memo ordering that NO SHORTCUT requests were to be granted.

This is further punishment directed from the White House!

JEWELS said...

What velse would you expect from a child like the one in th3e White House?

Obama isa little kid that is pretending to be king!