Thursday, August 14, 2014

Immigration: Past And Present

Every time that an objection to blanket amnesty is raised, we hear a retort of “we are a nation of immigrants”

The statement, “we are a nation of immigrants” is the truth.  However, it is a lie to use that statement as a justification for amnesty!

Current science tells us that the ancestors of both the North American and South American Indians emigrated from Asia some 56,000 years ago.  European settlers started immigrating to North America in the 1500’s and in the late 1700’s; those immigrants formed the new nation, the United States of America.   Very soon thereafter, that nation took control over who entered, who stayed, and who would become citizens.  We controlled our borders!

This nation of immigrants was built by people that desired to assimilate in to the culture that was America.  They had no desire to remake America in to a little Italy or new Germany or wherever it was that they came from.  They did not come for a handout; they came because they wanted to be Americans.

It was my privilege, to grow up in small towns were Italian, Polish, Hungarian, German, and Slavic immigrants were our neighbors.  They all came here legally.  They all wanted to earn their citizenship.  And they all learned English.

At the bottom of the hill on which we once lived, a very nice Italian man operated a small grocery store.  He attended classes twice a week as he studied for his citizenship test.  I once saw him throw his brother-in-law out of his store for speaking Italian rather than English.

That was typical of the immigrants that I knew.

Today, the administration wants to grant amnesty to between 10 million and 50 million people that are in this country illegally.  Note: they are illegal; they are criminals.  Many of them have also committed murder, rape, armed robbery, and various other crimes.  Several are members of very dangerous gangs.

These do not want to assimilate in to American culture.  They come looking for handouts.  They march in the town square making demands.

They most certainly aren't interested in learning English.  A Hispanic group (2 adult males, one adult woman and a couple of children) lives on the next street.  One male speaks English; his brother, after 12 years living in America speaks very little English, and the woman who has lived here for 15 years speaks no English at all.

There is no doubt that many illegals are also voting.  Several studies have indicated that as many as 10 million voted in 2012 and those votes were the determining factor in several elections.

Granting amnesty to this group will guarantee that the socialist policies of the Democrat party will be the permanent rule of the nation.

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