Friday, November 7, 2014

"Reform" Does Not Equal "Amnesty"

According to exit Polls, a majority of voters stated that they want ‘Immigration Reform’.

Obama and his thugs are making the claim that this is a call for a ‘Comprehensive Immigration Bill’.  As everyone knows ‘Comprehensive’ is LIBERAL SPEAK for amnesty.   Of course, the media blindly echoes whatever the administration feeds them.

The truth is that every poll taken over the past two years show that 70% to 85% of those polled oppose amnesty!

A similar number want the borders sealed as a first step!

Over 80% want existing laws enforced.

Several state and county governments have recently gone public with reports that the only ‘illegal immigrants’ that ICE will accept are those who are criminals.  The reason these agencies have gone public is that just days after turning these felons over to ICE, ICE has released them back onto the streets!

Just over a week ago, the administration issued a press release admitting that some of those aliens that they released were in fact criminals.  We know from several sources that ICE only accepts felons, so how is it that when they are released back on to our streets, that only some of them are “criminals”? 

It is clear that the American people do not want or support amnesty, they want the borders sealed, and they want, at a minimum, the criminal al

It would serve this President well if he were to heed another Exit Poll fact:

61% of those polled, stated that they voted “TO STOP OBAMA!”

It does not get much clearer than that!

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