Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Linked: The Popularity Of Trump And The Massacre In San Bernadino

Since the first poll showing Donald Trump as the leader of the GOP candidates, the pundits and the journalists have been predicting his fall.   

When Trump spoke out against illegal immigrates they said his numbers would plummet.
 After all, the media keeps reporting that the vast majority of Americans support amnesty. If the media is correct, would not the voters be repulsed by Trumps rhetoric?
However, the point margin between Trump and the other candidates grew even wider.  Contrary to popular relief, the American people seemed to like what Trump had to say.

When Barack Obama announced his plan to import thousands of Syrian refugees, The Donald spoke against the stupidity of Obama’s plan to import thousands of Syrian refugees which are certain to have ISIS terrorists embed with them.  German Intelligence had recently reported that they have identified nearly 7900 ISIS terrorist that came with the Syrian refugees that they have absorbed to date.  Trump even went so far as to suggest that perhaps we should impose a moratorium on all Muslims, at least until we learn to weed out the terrorists among them.

Once Again, the pundits, journalists, including many Republicans predicted Trumps fall from grace.   And once again, the polls proved them to be wrong.

So you ask—How could these ‘experts’ all be so wrong?

That’s where the San Bernardino Massacre comes in.

 As soon as the police identified the two terrorists, several people stepped forward to say that they had observed questionable activity at the terrorist’s home.   When asked why they had not reported this activity—each said that they were afraid of being branded a profiler or a bigot.

Tens of millions of U.S. citizens are intimidated by the thought police to the point that they will not express their feelings on nearly anything. 

When you engage people in casual, unguarded conversation you discover that most people are very concerned about amnesty.  They are concerned about the dilution of their votes and the drain on resources like healthcare, Medicare, social security, and other programs.

Almost no one wants a ‘comprehensive’ amnesty plan.  They want the boarders sealed. They want the alien criminals deported.  They want sanctuary cities ended. After that, they want a multi-year process by which those who came here illegally may earn permanent residence status without the right to vote.

As a result of this intimidation, no one really knows what American’s want—but that is how the administration likes it.

They don’t want us discussing global warming, same sex marriage, illegal immigration, Islamic issues, or the war on terrorism.  They don’t want us discussing these issues because they know that they will lose every intellectual debate.

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