Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The EPA's $600,000,000 Lie

Several years ago the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a report that claimed that air pollutants from burning coal were killing at least 6000 people per year.  The EPA also claimed that 10’s of thousands more people were suffering severe health problems as the result of coal fire pollutants.

At the time I wrote a blog disputing that claim based on my own empirical evidence.
Five and one-half years of my youth (grades 7 through 12) were spent in southern West Virginia where coal was king.  There was no natural gas available; some of the bigger businesses used heating oil, and a few homes burnt wood; everything else was powered or heated by coal.
All electricity was generated by coal and the Norfolk & Western railroad operated massive (2-6-6-4) articulated steam locomotives that burnt coal by the tons.
Our home was located at the beginning of a very long grade where the coal trains required two locomotives at the front and a third locomotive at the rear of the train.  They would haul 100 or more 90 ton coal cars per train.
Under those conditions, the locomotives were belching thick clouds of heavy black smoke as they ascended the mountain.
The result was that it was a rare day, usually mid-summer, when you did not smell the unmistakable aroma produced when bituminous coal is burnt.
From late Fall through early Spring, in the early mornings you to could see a heavy smoke cloud hanging over every valley.  From October to February that cloud could be several hundred feet thick.  On sunny days, a few hours after Sunrise, the cloud seemed to dissipate somewhat, but the smell of burning coal was just as strong.
We don’t have any scientific measurements telling us the exact amount of exposure to coal-fire-particulates the population was exposed to, but it was at a bare minimum, 1000 times greater than the levels that the EPA reports claimed was fatal!
If the EPA report had even a semblance of truth, 25% to 50% of the entire county’s population would have died from exposure every year.   The rest of the people would have been hospitalized.  
However, in reality, there were not any masses of people dying from lung disease there were few people, perhaps three in my entire high-school, suffering from asthma.

We now know that the EPA spent $600 million in taxpayer money to generate false studies about the effects of coal particulates.  The reason for these studies were not for improved health but because the EPA wanted to end coal mining. 
In fact it was the long term goal of the EPA to end all mining in the United States.  
An investigation must be made to find who authorized and carried out this shameful abuse of power and illegal use of funds.  Those parties should be criminally charged.     
Let us hope that the Trump administration replaces the agenda driven pseudo-scientists at the EPA with real scientists that rely on facts.

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Anonymous said...

I lived in Pittsburg when it look like a yellow dome because of the coal burning pollutants from the steel mills and coke ovens.

Same thing, no big die offs.

CarlB said...

They lied about the Polar Bears!

They lied about the threat to condors from the use of lead bullets when hunting big game!

They lied about the benefits of gasohol and made matters much worse!

The only definitive thing that you can say about the EPA is they lie!

Fred64 said...

Like all progressives:
The EPA won’t let science get in the way of a desired outcome.
Judges distort or flat out deny laws and the Constitution to create the result that they desire.

They want to destroy the Democratic United States