Friday, July 7, 2017

The Truth About The Claim Of Russian Hacking

This writer does not know if Russia hacked the DNC computers, but neither does anyone else!

Even the best qualified analysts cannot make a determination if any machine was hacked or who hacked it without first examining that machine.  Even with access to the machine, the determination of who hacked a machine comes down to an educated guess.  Really good hackers will often leave evidence to make it look like someone else was there. 
The DNC has refused to make any of the machines that are alleged to have been hacked available to any security agency. 
Why they refuse is subject to speculation.   The most obvious reason would be that the machines contain information that is more important to keep secret.

Contrary to media reports, it is four and not seventeen of the U.S. security agencies that claim that the Russians ‘hacked into our election process'.
The most ridiculous claim is that only Mr. Putin could have order such a sophisticated attack. 

The machines that were hacked, were not protected by sophisticated software.   Go to any high school and you find kids who can do this kind of hacking in their sleep and you can probably find at least one that can hack many of the most secure government or big business computers.

Every month or two we see a major story of a federal agency being hacked, usually just for the ‘fun’ of it.

Another factor are the statements from WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.  No matter what your personal opinion of Assange (for the record, I think that he is an asshole who most likely caused the death of people by exposing their names and has even endangered international relations and security) he has never released data that has been proven to be false nor has he been proven to have lied where WikiLeaks is concerned.   Mr. Assange has repeatedly stated that data did not come from the Russians.  He has in fact, eluded that the files were supplied by a member of the DNC

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Anonymous said...

That makes perfect sense to me.

I'm certain my buds and I could have hacked these computers.

We have hacked several fed boxes as you said, just foe the funny of it.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

For mot CPU's, all you need is an IP Address and some play time.

Fred64 said...

It looks like Wasserman-Shultz's IT guy may have been the "hacker" all along!

CHUCK said...

I agree with you that Julian Assange is a lowlife bastard because he does things which endanger innocents lives.

Indications are that agents and informants have died because of data that he has published.

However, in eleven years none of what he has revealed has proven to be anything other that factual.

AL FROM MD said...

The word is that congressional committees have been provided proof that the Russians never hacked the elections data.