Friday, August 25, 2017

The Sanctuary City Farce

The police leaders of the various “Sanctuary Cities” claim that if they hold known “illegal immigrant criminals” for ICE Agents, then “illegal immigrant victims” will not feel safe about reporting crime.

For the moment, let us assume that this hypothesis is accurate.

The city of Chicago prides itself as a ‘Sanctuary City’.  In 2016 they had 4,368 shootings with 789 shooting deaths.  2017 is on a pace that will exceed those numbers by a significant amount.  In addition, there were thousands of stabbings (many of which were fatal), rapes, arson And assaults.

The Chicago newspapers report that nearly all of these crimes are committed by MS-13 and other gangs consisting generally of “undocumented” aliens.

Based on these numbers, it would seem that “Sanctuary Cities” are willing to assure injuries and death to the law abiding public in order to protect the murders and rapist among the illegal immigrants in their cities.  It also seems that they relieve that the illegal immigrant population is too stupid to know the difference in how police treat them and violent criminals.

Several recent reports show that the hypothesis is totally inaccurate. 

Interviews of illegal immigrants in several cities indicate that these people do not report crimes because they fear retaliation from the gangs or even individuals.

One woman reported that one of her daughters had been raped and it was reported to the police.  In a matter of hours, the accused rapist was back on the street and he and his pals, gang raped the victims younger sister.
The reports contained stories of retaliations by beatings, robberies, arson, rape and even murder.

This writer would argue that the only "sanctuary" provided in a "sanctuary city" is for incompetent, worthless politicians and non-elected administrators.
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