Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Thank You, Soldiers"--Tussing Elementary, Colonial Heights, VA

Most of you are well aware of the anti-American, anti-Religion, and anti-Military teachings that prevail in the nation’s liberal controlled public school systems.

We frequently learn of children being suspended from school for quoting or possessing a Bible!  And they don't dare to mention God!

We hear of kids being suspended from school for wearing/displaying the American flag on Cinco de Mayo!

We hear how young men and women who have enlisted to enter the military after high school graduation are booed by their fellow students during graduation ceremonies.

We could go on for many pages, but you get the point.

Mindless & Spineless is elated to report that at least one elementary school's faculty and students proudly stand for America and especially those heroes that serve that we may live!

That school is:  Tussing Elementary School in Colonial Heights, Virginia.

It was Virginia that contributed the most to the founding of this once great nation, and it seems that Virginia has taken the lead among the states that are attempting to fight back against the tyranny that now rules the nation.

Click Here > Listen as the 3rd Grade (Class of 2009) of Tussing Sings!
God Bless Tussing Elementary!
God Bless America! -- WD
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Ed said...

I hope that they are still allowed to be pro-Soldiers!

Ann said...

That is refreshing!

Ed said...

God bless Tussing Elementary School!

Will E said...

There are still a good school or two!

Screw the NEA!!!

Jump N Jac said...

Amen! Amen!

Abbie said...

I like it!

Wade said...

How sweet it is!

Tom said...

You thirds graders made my twenty years of service in the Navy well worth it.