Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Price? The Osama bin Laden Raid

With all the discussion about the Osama bin Laden mission, no one has asked why Osama did not hear those big heavy helicopters landing outside his compound. A normal helicopter can be heard from miles away. When one lands in a yard or a street nearby, it sounds like all hell has broken loose.

So why didn’t Osama brace for an attack when he heard the helicopters land?  He never heard them. The U.S. Military has highly classified stealth (nearly silent) helicopters. Attack (small weapons carrier) versions have been secretly used in the past.

The Stealth aircraft used in the Osama bin Laden raid are large craft said to be a based on the Blackhawk (H-60) airframe, and was used in an active role for the first time in Osama bin Laden raid in Abbottabad.

It has been reported that the Navy SEALs destroyed most of the top-secret helicopter before they left bin Laden’s compound.  Shortly after the raid there were news videos showing a tractor-trailer hauling away the remains of that helicopter.

From my own experience with classified equipment, I am certain that the Seals and the Aircrew were well aware of the need to prevent the technology from falling into undesirable hands. They would also be trained in what and how to destroy it.  However, destruction of the important part(s) is not always 100%.

ABC has reported that, China wants to examine the wreckage of the helicopter.

A Pakistani official was quoted as saying, “We might let them take a look”.

According to ABC, Richard Clarke, a former White House counterterrorism adviser, said that he would be surprised if the Pakistanis have not already given the Chinese access to the helicopters remains.

The Chinese provide Pakistan with missile technology as well as other systems. This mishap provides Pakistan with a way to give China something in return.

We can only pray that the mission that got bin Laden did not also transfer one of our most guarded technologies to the Chinese.

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Anonymous said...

I once had a training exercise where we were supported by a “stealth” gunship.

I said then, that it was like my rifle with the suppresser attached.

Esq 2B said...

Oh boy! Something else to worry about!

Wade said...

Well, I guess that is a risk you have to take!

I don’t think that we could have pulled it off without risking the technology.

JDW said...

You can bet that the Chicons are egar to get their hands on one of these birds!

Bella said...

It seems that the defense research budget is not all wasted after all.

RightWingDog said...

$eems as though, with the Billion$ of dollar$ that Obama deposit$ in Paki$tan bank acccount$, that we could could on them to de$troy the balance of the aircraft remaining.
I gue$$ that'$ not in the card$ and therefore I $uggest we $imply $ay "OUR CHECKING ACCOUNT" i$ clo$ed to Paki$tan! IN the long run we can do without them much better than they can do without U$.


Watch Dog said...

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