Sunday, July 16, 2017

Does Anyone Believe That Trump Was Putin's Choice For POTUS?

When you take a fair and open minded look at the facts, it is very hard to find a single reason that Putin would support Donald J. Trump over Hillary R. Clinton for the Presidency of the United States.

In 2013, After Assad, the President of Syria, used chemical weapons on his own citizens, Obama said there was redline that would be crossed if Assad use chemical weapons.  We soon learned that the line was drawn with disappearing ink. Russia supports the Assad regime and was very happy with the faded line.  Hillary promised to keep Obama’s Middle East policies.

When Russia invaded the Ukraine, Obama responded with a very strong “That was not very nice of you!”!  Hilary promised to carry on with the same policies.
When Russia shot down a commercial airliner flying over the Ukraine, Obama responded with a very strong “That was wrong! We certainly hope that you don’t do it again.”!  Hilary promised to carry on with the same policies.
 Obama sold out Israel and probably the entire Middle East, if not the world, with the phony nuclear agreement with Russian ally, Iran. Hillary promised to continue this very bad agreement.
Hillary promised on several occasions that she would continue to appoint Supreme Court judges, as well as other Federal judges that would undermine, and thereby destroy the U.S. Constitution.  Putin had to be happy with that.
We could go on with a long list of similar items, but let us close the major item.

While Hillary was Secretary of State; Russia wanted access to U.S. uranium reserves.  We don’t give this privilege to our closest allies!
Putin contributed $150 million to the Clinton Piggy Bank a.k.a. “The Clinton Foundation”.  They also paid $600,000/speech for Bill Clinton to make several speeches in Russia.  
For these bribes, Russia received control of 20% of the entire U.S.  Uranium Reserves and Putin had an American Politian that he knew he could buy!  Given these facts, how can anyone believe that Putin would want someone other than Hillary R. Clinton as POTUS?

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Fred64 said...

If Russia is an official enemy, as the Democrats are now claiming, would not the selling of any uranium reserve be a felony as specified in the Constitution?

CarlB said...

I agree with Fred64

Foxx Lady said...

I’m glad to see that you are healthy again and writing great things

My husband was promoted to Bird Col. Just before the election, and thinking that Hillary was going to be elected, requested retirement. A DESISTION WE BOTH NOW REGRET!

I agree with your blog article completely. And I agree with Fred64.

AliceFaye said...

A Democrat would believe it!

They believe what they are told to believe!