Friday, July 21, 2017

Facts: The Paris Climate Accord

On June 1, 2017 President Donald J. Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord.
Immediately we heard from the media that we were all going to die because of ‘Global Warming’!
If you are interested in reading the “Paris Climate Accord” clickhere.  After you work your way through the ‘16 pages of legalese’, you will find that:
1.      Each nation decides its own goals and methods of achievement (if any).

2.      Only “developed” nations are expected to set and meet their goals.

3.      ‘Developed” nations (largely the U.S.) are expected to pay the cost for developing nation to meet their goals.

4.      The biggest global producer of ‘Greenhouse Gases’, China, has many years to start compliance with whatever goals that it decides it wants to meet.  
In reality, the vast majority of nations only agreed to sign on the condition that they receive large grants of money.  India for example expects to receive 100’s of millions of dollars.
The U.S was committed to contributing $3 billion to start and would have required to pay billions more.    
The scientists predict little or no impact on global temperatures.
In short, “The Paris Climate Accord” was intended to be nothing more than another Obama transfer of American wealth. 

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AL FROM MD said...

Can you or anyone else name something that Obama did that was not meant to harm the U.S.?

Bill50 said...

Climate change is a fact!

We should be doing everything until we get results.

CarlB said...

It was never ratified by Congress.

In fact it was such a bad deal, that he was afraid to submit it to Congress.